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Swedish Championships KZ2 2023

I’m overall happy with a week full of great improvement. This was my first race in KZ2, so it was a lot of new things to learn.

It was a hard challenge but we kept pushing and always wanting to be better. Considering this being my first time in kz2, racing against a lot of experienced KZ2 drivers, the results were not were we want to be yet. But I did accomplished the main goal which was to always get better every session.


Quali: P15 in my group (P30 overall)
Heat 1: P30 -> DNF
Heat 2: P30 -> P26 (+4 positions)
Heat 3: P30 -> P25 -> DNF (engine problem)
Final: P33 -> P20🔥(+13 positions)

Thanks to everyone who support me and make this possible! 🤗
Photo: @sebastiaanjanssonphoto

Today the official practice for the Swedish Championships begin

Today the official practice for the Swedish Championships begin. #KZ
Photo: Sebastian Jansson

Helmet reveal!

Helmet reveal! Painted by #Aerografik. @aerografikinfo

Podium in Södertälje

It was very wet on the raceday. I think it was the first time this year I had the chance to drive in the rain.
I qualified P2, which isn’t optimal, since you usually lose a place in the start when you start on the left. In the first heat I came third but in the second heat I won. That meant I started the prefinal from pole position but unfortunately I finished P2 and had to start from second place in the final. I lost a position in the start and before I could overtake for second, the leading driver had already built a gap. I pushed on and was 4.6 seconds ahead of the P3 driver at the finish, but unfortunately I got a front fairing penalty, which is an automatic 5 second penalty, so I lost the position by 4 tenths and finished P3.
All in all a fun day in the rain in what was my last race before I concentrate on KZ2.

Qualifying P2
Heat 1 P2 -> P3
Heat 2 P2 -> P1
Prefinal P1 -> P2
Final P2 -> P2 -> P3 (front fairing penalty)

P2 in Borlänge!

Good weekend in Borlänge. We showed a lot of good speed and pace during the whole race. Track developed mega grip so worked with the setup quite a bit.

Practice 1: P1
Practice 2: P2
Heat 1: P3
Heat 2: P4, got pushed out so lost some places.
Prefinal: P2
Final: P2

Thanks to my partners and friends #Taipuva Consulting, @trendab.motorsport, @tobii_gaming, @ramirentsodertalje, #jbbilbärgning, @28booking, #MasterKartlube, @jm_skyltservice , #alfornoPershagen, @sporre_training_and_recovery
#Sodakart, @wardracingofficial #FIAWIM #fkkcancer, @kak_sweden

First podium of the season (OKJ) in Stockholm Race Weekend

First podium of the season (OKJ) in Stockholm Race Weekend.
Practice 1: P1
Practice 2: P1
Qualifying: P2
Heat 1: P3
Heat 2: P3
Prefinal: P2
Final: P3
Next race in two weeks.

Watch my talk from Women in Tech Sweden 2023

Watch my talk from Women in Tech Sweden 2023.

24 March 2023

Held a talk at Women in Tech Sweden in front of an audience of 2500 people today. Spoke about it being 47 years since a woman started an #F1 race, and that it is time to change history. I also talked about how you can use eye tracking equipment for improving performance. Thanks to @tobii_gaming for inviting me. #WITswe2023 #WomenInMotorsport #fiawim @kak_sweden @svensk_bilsport

2 mars 2023

I had the first training weekend of the year in Kristianstad. We made a lot of good improvements and it was so fun to be back there and drive. Looking forward what this year brings!

7 February 2023

Recently I took part in the Autolife garage 10 year anniversary in Stockholm and presented my 2022 kart, thanks to Gran Turismo Events.              Visa detta inlägg på Instagram                         Ett inlägg delat av Milla Sjöstrand (@millasjostrand)